Thursday, July 17, 2014


English Title Card
 Hello Ultraman fans! Thanks for checking out the blog and review show.

 A little about me.

 I am very new to so new I am currently watching it for the first time. This began when I was at a K-Mart, looking through some movies and saw the DVD on the shelf. 

Ultraman : The Complete Series DVD cover
 One look at the back and I knew I'd like it. I am a fan of Super Sentai/Power Rangers and really like the monster vs superhero plot line.
 If you are new to Ultraman like me here is the basic idea to get you started.

Japanese Title Card that reads: Ultraman : A Special-Effects Fantasy Series 
 We start off following the Science Patrol. These guys are the earths only line of defense against disasters. They are part of a large organization called Science Special Search Party. One such Science Patroller, Shin Hayata while on a patrol encounters a alien being while investigating a UFO. The alien being saves his life by merging with him and giving him the Beta Capsule allowing him to secretly become Ultraman. 

 This blog will play host to a Podcast. Each episode will coincide with an episode from the show in order. I will discuss the show and talk about related topics such as action figures and other stuff I dig up about the shows creation. Should be a fun time. Thanks and stay tuned.